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Candle - Pokemon Resort Application by Neomen12 Candle - Pokemon Resort Application by Neomen12
As you approach the ill-looking home, you feel as if something is watching. As if someone is following you up to the door. You knock on the door right as it opens, greeting you. When you walk in, you are greeted by faint voices. Chills run up your spine as your eyes glide upwards to the top of the stairs where a slightly small figure with candle light is watching you with her beady yellow eyes.

Her voice is calm and ghostly as it can be as she seems to whisper quite loudly,

'Welcome to the haunted house.'


My application for the group: #PokemonResort


:bulletblack::Name: Candle

:bulletpurple:Nicknames: Channy, Lure

:bulletblack:Age: 14

:bulletpurple:Sex: Female

:bulletblack:Height/Weight: 4'6'', 106.5 lbs

:bulletpurple:Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

:bulletblack:Relationship Status: Single

:bulletpurple:Pokemon: Chandelure

:bulletblack:Type: Ghost, Fire

:bulletpurple:Ability: Shadow Tag

:bulletblack:Moveset (4 Moves): Flame Burst, Flamethrower, Shadow ball, Heat wave.

:bulletpurple:Personality: She is quite a trickster. She absolutely loves to play tricks on the ones who dare to join or enter her haunted house. She also loves to play games with her friends by haunting them while they're alone or sleeping.

However, despite her playful, trickster attitude, she can be very serious. She doesn't like it when someone scares an employee or visitor so hard to where they get hurt some how. When this happens, she'll try her best to help the one who is hurt by taking them to someone who can come to his or her's aid.

So, all in all, she's a little ghost Pokemon who absolutely loves to play tricks but when it comes time to not playing tricks, she can easily be that one caring Pokemon.

She also talks telepathically since her mouth is sewed together.

:bulletblack:Likes/Dislikes: Games, tricks, when visitors get scared but have fun. // When someone gets hurt, when someone doesn't have fun, or when someone doesn't enjoy her games.

:bulletpurple:Birthday: Halloween, 10 - 31 - 98

Job or Reason why Visiting: To spread her love of all year around horrors with her job as the boss of a haunted house.


As a little Litwick, Candle was a tricky little girl. She would skip away from school when she shouldn't, burn her friend's hair with her little candle light, get in trouble with her parents. But, by the time she was about 5, she learnt that she shouldn't do all those things.

When she evolved to a Lampent, she continued with her ghostly deeds. She hid out in human resorts as a lamp and when they were all alone, she would haunt them around and scare them.

But later, she got bored with scaring humans. It was time that she scared her own kind. Pokemon.

One day, while she was at her own home, the haunted mansion, she found a stone. A dusk stone. It was cold to touch but it gave a warm feeling to her and she suddenly evolved to the Chandelure that she is today.

She was okay with this evolution but, she wasn't okay that her home wasn't getting as many visitors that she had hoped for..

So, instead. She had seen a flyer for the Pokemon Resort islands. She usually doesn't go for these kinds of things but as she learnt that this resort has several Pokemon around, she just had to join this crowd.

She now hopes to live among the workers, bosses and residents as a ghost Pokemon who just absolutely loves to throw a little punch.. Or in her case. A little ghostly flame.


Candle (c) Me
Pokemon (c) Nintendo


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January 15, 2013
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